Frameless Shower Enclosures Frameless Shower Enclosures Heavy Glass Framed with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Clips. 183602682 Door and Panel with a Return Knee Wall 183602679 Simple Door and Panel This shower features a towel bar installed on the panel and a classic c-shaped pull handle. 171651479 Door and panel with a Return Knee Wall This enclosure features Oil Rubbed Bronze channel and a 90' clip. 171651480 Frameless Door Frameless door 1/2" clear tempered glass with Chrome hardware. 183602678 183602680 Semi-Frameless Door. Framed enclosure with handle through the glass rather than attached to the frame. A slight upgrade from the standard framed shower enclosure. 183602681 Door and Panel Beautiful, Simple Heavy Glass door and panel shower glass. 183602683 183602684 Clear Chrome Framed Shower Door This door can be used with any type of tiles, but is most commonly used for fiberglass enclosures. It features a continuous hinge with no cheap plastic pivots to break or wear out. Opens and closes smoothly and feels substantial in your hand. A great choice for an economical upgrade. Clear glass is standard, but make sure to look at our patterned glasses to see what upgrades are available for your shower door. Also, we can replace the glass in your current door if it is broken or if you would like a different type of glass. Give us a call for a free quote! 183634838 196009921 Triple Hinges Sometimes a wider and taller door will need three hinges to give it adequate strength. 196009922 Frameless-Bypassing Frameless by-passing doors are a nice choice when space in a bathroom is very limited. No worries if there is no room for a door to swing open. These come in various sizes to fit many opening sizes. The work great with showers that have been built in the place of a shower/tub combo. 196009923 196009924 196009925 135' or Neo-Angle Shower Ennclosure Always a nice configuration to maximize space with a corner shower installation. 196009926 3/8" Oil rubbed Bronze Hardware Notice the custom height of this enclosure. It is best if the glass goes above the shower head. I 196009927 Jamie Townsend with Shower Jamie stands behind every enclosure he installs. We strive to have always happy customers. 196009928 Classic White This bathroom remodel featured great classic white subway tiles and smaller marble mosaic tiles on the floor. It looks great with the chrome hardware and gives and updated yet timeless look. 197223799 Large Glass Corner Notice the clean lines of the floor to ceiling glass joint? What a nice way to add a little size to your shower and create style with the shower extending out beyond the garden tub just slightly. 197223800 197223801 Neo-Angle Shower This shower features Oil-rubbed bronze hardware. It's a nice contrast to the white tiling. 197223802 197223803 197223804 Heavy Glass, Frameless, Seamless Shower This shower includes an 18" towel bar installed on the panel beside the door. Because all enclosures are custom, we can place these towel bars, rob hooks, or handles at the height of your choosing. There are several styles to choose from. 197230528